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NameBorn/ BaptisedDied/ Buried
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unknown Keuning,
woman Keuning, Agatha Elsabeth "Lieske" ) ( Wiebe Roelof "Wiebe" Koopmans PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
woman Keuning, Akke Johannes X Klaas Algra* ‎29 Jul 1856* Marrum, Netherlands† ‎6 Apr 1942† Koarnjum, Fryske, Netherlands
woman Keuning, Akke Johannes * ‎1 Jan 1855* Friesland, Netherlands† ‎2 Jul 1855† Ferwerderadeel
woman Keuning, Akke Pieters X Jan Wallendal* ‎19 May 1854* Hallum† ‎10 sep 1931† wisconsin,USA
woman Keuning, Akke Pieters & Jan Piers Kramer* ‎28 May 1796* Stiens
woman Keuning, Annechiena Martje & Johannes Elema* ‎18 Feb 1905* Ameland?† ‎3 Jun 1994† Haren Nederland
woman Keuning, Antje * ‎6 May 1851† ‎22 Jan 1908† in het armhuis te Hallum
woman Keuning, Antje Johannes * ‎15 Feb 1858* Friesland, Netherlands† ‎18 Aug 1858
woman Keuning, Aukje Klazes 1st & Pier Jans Kramer, 2nd X Gerben Siemens Boer, de* ‎1 May 1827* Stiens† ‎10 May 1910
woman Keuning, Berdendina X Gerrit Simon de Vries* ‎8 Jul 1885* Usquert, Groningen, Nederland
woman Keuning, Christine Francoise Theodora "Tineke" & Hendrik Johan "Henk" Porck PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
woman Keuning, Dirkje * ‎6 Mar 1868* Ferwerderadeel
woman Keuning, Elizabeth
woman Keuning, Emma Elsabeth "Emma" PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
woman Keuning, Eva Maria "Marieke" & Pieter Wijbrand Havik PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
woman Keuning, Frederike Eleonora "Frederike" & Hendrikus Theodorus Gerardus "Erik" Keulers PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Keuning, Gerrit X Willemkje Wiersma* ‎19 Oct 1851* Marrum, Netherlands† ‎13 Aug 1938† Ferwerderadeel
woman Keuning, Jannie Beatrice "Jannie" & Joop Kranenborg PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Keuning, Jeroen Menno Frederik "Jeroen" * ‎11 Oct 1971* Rotterdam† ‎13 Oct 1971† Rotterdam
woman Keuning, Johanna Cornelia "Joke" & Egbert Scholten PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Keuning, Johannes 1st X Jantje Dreise, 2nd X Berendina Jacoba van Eck* ‎4 Mar 1881* Usquert, Netherlands† ‎7 Jul 1957† Schiedam
man Keuning, Johannes Frederik "Hans" 1st ) ( Thea Runhaar, 2nd X Petra Den Otter PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Keuning, Johannes Klazes X Jantje Gerrits Dijkstra* ‎11 Mar 1822* Marrum, Friesland, Nederland† ‎15 Dec 1858† Marrum, Friesland, Nederland
man Keuning, Klaas * ‎10 Jul 1843* Ferwerderadeel† ‎26 Oct 1916† Ferwerderadeel
man Keuning, Klaas Johannes X Martje van der Luit* ‎28 Apr 1850* Marrum, Netherlands† ‎23 Jan 1930† Hallum, Netherlands
man Keuning, Klaas Johannes Franciscus "Klaas/Frans" 1st X Egbertina Trijntje "Tine" Weites, 2nd X Adriana "Jeanne" Maltha* ‎20 Feb 1910* Groningen, Netherlands† ‎1 Nov 1977† Haarlem, Haarlem, North Holland, Netherlands
man Keuning, Klaas Klases * ‎16 Nov 1776* Hijum, Friesland, Netherlands† ‎5 sep 1828† Marrum, Ferwerderadeel, Friesland, Netherlands
man Keuning, Klaas Klazes * ‎27 Jun 1811* Blija
man Keuning, Klaas Klazes 1st X Sijtske Pieters de Vries, 2nd X Trijntje Johannes Miedema* ‎29 Aug 1810* Marrum, Friesland, Nederland† ‎26 Aug 1888† Marrum, Friesland, Nederland

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